GEFA-FLUG: The unique global airship player

We have been operative in the field of development, production and maintenance of airships, balloons and special crafts for over 30 years.
The current range of products and services now goes beyond the founding idea of our company.

Fascination - passion - attention to detail

The driving force behind our company has always been a fascination for flying, together with a passion for breaking the mould, a love for attention to detail and unbending dedication to quality and safety.
Our credo: Tailor-made solutions from a single source.
Research-based - innovative - competent - professional.

Our partner: Air and more air!

The element carrying the products is in every sense of the word: Air, air and more air! And in all shapes and sizes for (almost) every application or purpose.

You build castles in the air that we turn into airships.
Your dreams, our technology.